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We have many types of turnkey dropship website businesses to choose from. We are the leader in turnkey dropship website businesses for sale on the internet.

Dropshipping is a very convenient way for doing business. It does not require any investment of stock up front and the dropshipper (wholesaler) makes money by you selling more of their products. A dropshipper is a wholesale supplier who offer products on wholesale prices.

The dropshipper provides products that you advertise on your website. After you sell a product, all you have to do is order the same product from the dropshipper but on much lower price. You make money by keeping the difference between the price you sell the products for on your website and much lower price you pay the dropshipper.

They pack and ship the product for you and put your name or your company name on the package. Your customer will never know that the product has been shipped from the dropshipper and not you.



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